Direct Contribution — Forestry Sector

The forestry sector includes forest products, furniture, and wood and paper processing.

Timber acreage standing includes the following forest-type groups: 41% oak and hickory; 30% loblolly and shortleaf pine; 10% oak and pine; 11% oak, gum and cypress; 5% elm, ash and cottonwood; and 2% other forest-type groups.a

aNumbers may not sum to 100% due to rounding.
Source: USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis, 2014.

Economic Engine

Forestry is the leading employer in South Arkansas — one of the nation’s leading timber-producing regions.
Paper mills, sawmill and wood preservation, veneer and plywood manufacturing, sanitary paper product manufacturing, and paperboard container manufacturing contribute:
•  50% of forestry Jobs;
•  Almost 60% of Wages and Labor Income; and
•  74% of Value Added.

A Multifaceted Resource

Forest-based tourism, recreation, watershed protection, wildlife habitat and aesthetic values are vital to the economy, environmental health, culture and identity of Arkansas.