Direct Contribution — Crops Sector

The crops sector includes all enterprises engaged in the production and processing of cotton, food and feed grains, hay and pasture, fruits, nuts, vegetables and oil bearing crops.
chart of direct contribution of crops







Strength in Diversity

Arkansas has been the leading producer of rice in the U.S. since 1973. (Dunn and Flanders, 2012)

The rice industry (rice farming and milling) has a direct contribution of:
• 1 in 6 crops Jobs;
• Almost $1 in every $5 of crops Labor Income; and
• $1 in every $5 of crops Value Added.

Soybeans is the second largest crop industry, although it is number one in crop production with a direct Value Added contribution of $817 million.

The production of soybeans, rice, wheat, corn, grain sorghum, oats and cotton accounted for 51% of the crops sector’s direct Value Added. Remaining direct Value Added was comprised of the production (5%) of a variety of locally important crops (hay and forage, melons, fruits, vegetables, pecans, turfgrass and ornamental plants) and the processing (44%) of crops in the state. This diversity is a major asset in weathering downturns in a given commodity.