Direct Contribution — Animal Agriculture Sector

The animal agriculture sector includes production and processing of poultry, eggs, beef and dairy products, hogs and pigs and other animals.

Beef cattle and poultry are companion enterprises on many farms, with poultry providing cash flow and fertilizer for pastures.

Aquaculture is a major enterprise and is often a companion to row crop farming in the Delta region.

Direct contribution of animal agriculture

Protein Power

Arkansas is a leading producer, processor and marketer of animal agriculture protein products.

Poultry and egg production and processing is the leading industry, with direct contributions of:
•  1 in 4 agricultural Jobs;
•  $1 in every $4 of agricultural Labor Income; and
•  Almost $1 in every $4 of agricultural Value Added.

Other sectors round out Arkansas animal agriculture. Cattle are raised in every county, with a January 1, 2014, inventory of 1,660,000 head. Of these, 882,000 were beef cows. The swine inventory for December 1, 2013, was 110,000 head. Foodsize catfish numbered 11,480,000 on January 1, 2014.

Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service, data for 2013 and 2014.

direct contribution of poultry